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PROMOTE Magazine Vol 1 Issue 1 Published January 1, 2024

PROMOTE Magazine Volume 1 issue 1 Jan 2024

Vol 1 Issue 1 Jan. 2024 includes:

The First ever cover contest winner & interview with model Lisa Knoch

Interviews with Top Creatives To Look For In 2024 Artist Randy Martinez, Disabled Model Lilith Gray, Actor Jeremy Chavez

Features of celebrities, artists, musicians, comedians, models, and other creatives who share their talents and unique perspectives with the world:

Comedian Nikki Carr

Musician Katie Cole

Actor Devin Reeve

Model Arianna Cook

Comedian Alycia Cooper

Violinist Evelyn Norman

Model Journee Reid

Musician Chris Lazer

Model Tasia Sutfin

Actor Brendan Wentworth

Model Elisabeth

Musician Alexander Patsos

Model Jennifer Guinto

Model Ash

Artist Chris Farrington

Model Alayna Bird

Model Avah

Comedian Mike Robertson

Skater Preshous Jordan

Model Christine

Photography by Denise Vasquez

+ 5 Tips To PROMOTE

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