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Interview With Rapper Nekoda

Photographer Denise Vasquez IG @DeniseVasquezOfficial Rapper Nekoda IG @k.odaa_

Where are you from & where are you based?

I’m From San Diego California. I was raised in Oceanside & the IE “Hemet to be exact”

Who are some of your favorite artists & did they inspire you to become a rapper?

A couple of my favorite rappers today would be

•Joey badass

•Malz Monday

Mickk Jenkins


These artist have all inspired me to be a better rapper

When did you know you wanted to be a rapper?

I’ve always known that music was something I’ve wanted to do. It always came naturally

How long have you been performing with a band? How did you meet your band members?

I’ve been performing with my band for 3 1/2 4 years now. Somehow we all met in the past before the band was a thing and with time the good lord brought us together & now here we are :)

Do you all collaborate on songwriting or do you write the songs & bring them to the band?

The lead singer and I each write our own parts. Hell usually get the chorus & I’ll take over the verses. A great duo I might say.

What do you like to write about?

I love to write about finding the light in a dark time, real life experience & emotions, growth & pain, lyrical stuff like that.

Do you prefer performing live or in the studio? Why?

I actually enjoy performing live so much, it’s the energy from the crowd that keeps me going. I love it but the studio will always HIT.

Have you recorded any music? If so where can people find your music?

Right now I’m in the process of creating my own music, & being my own boss. Although, you can find my music on all streaming platforms.

Where do you perform? Do you have a favorite venue you perform at regularly?

I perform rap music but I also sing. Eventually I want to get some instruments on stage and go all out for myself. I do shows pretty often almost ever week in todays time. My favorite venue to do shows at are SOMA, SODA BAR, CHE CAFE, ANYWHERE YOU WANT ME REALLY :)

Are you still modeling or are you totally focused on music?

As of right now I’m totally focused on music, although I love modeling and will definitely be tapping back into that as soon as I can.

Where can people find you online? Website? Social Media? Youtube?

K.odaa_ is my IG and you can find my music under Nekoda on all platforms.

Anything else you would like to add?

Last things to add! Please follow you dreams and always be yourself.

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