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Interview With Model Lisa Knoch: First Ever Cover Contest Winner!

Model: Lisa Knoch IG: @Lisasaugust Photographer: Denise Vasquez IG: @DeniseVasquezOfficial

When did you get into modeling?

Thank you for the honor to be on the cover and to be able to share about my self. I started during the pandemic in 2020 when one of my friends invited me out to a model photography meet up in Poway.

Do you model professionally or for fun?

I model for fun, but I have been asked to do shoots for certain clothing and for peoples portfolios.

What do you like the most about modeling?

Coming out of my shell and being free to express myself.

Do you prefer indoor or outdoor shoots?

I enjoy both but I like outdoor shoots because I love the different lighting you can capture in the picture.

How do you feel about meetups for models? 

I enjoy meet ups because I get to meet new fun professionals in the industry. I like that I can add to my portfolio with the meetups. Sometimes waiting for the photos can take a while. So I always appreciate the photographers that tell me their timelines for photos, whether it’s short or long.

Do you like modeling alone or with others?

I’ve don’t both but I prefer one on one time with the photographer, I’m a bit more comfortable with that. But doing shoots with other models is always really fun.

What has been your favorite shoot and why?

My favorite shoot would have to be my down town shoot with photographer Denise Vasquez, I loved the urban feel and all the gritty and lighting backgrounds with the downtown lights.

Do you have a favorite photographer?

I’ve really enjoyed working with photographer Denise Vasquez, she’s has been amazing to work with and has a great way of leading me in the directions she’s looking for, and she is always engaging and professional. I also enjoyed working with another photographer Ashley Kaplan, she’s always been so fun and friendly to work with as well.

Has being a model taught you anything you’d like to share?

It’s taught me to be confident in my own skin and that I need to always let my light shine.

What inspired you to start your own business?

I’ve always wanted to be able to help and heal people. I’ve wanted to be a massage therapist since I was 18. But the timing was always off, whether it was work or school there was never enough time. So I told my self that no matter what I would finish my goal and finish massage therapy school. I wanted to always have something for me and for myself to make my own money and manage my own business and time.

How do you find balance in your life being a mother, model & business owner?

Although things always seem so busy and hectic, I some how manage to have time for family modeling and work. I do my best to keep a detailed schedule with the kids, Clients and events. Being a single mom I have to be organized, Makes life much easier.

Do you have any advice for someone who may be thinking about modeling?

I always say don’t knock it until you try it. It’s always better to try than not try at all and regret it.

Where can people find you & your business online?

They can find my social media instagram @lisasaugust and my business account @musclework_by_lisa and my website

Anything else you’d like to add?

I’m thrilled to be part of promote magazine and I’m excited to see it grow!

How does it feel to be the winner of the first cover contest?

I’m so excited to be the winner of the first ever cover contest! Such a great feeling to be chosen for the magazine cover from my fellow peers! Being on the cover is an absolute dream!

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