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Interview With Model Ash

Updated: Jun 2

Photographer: Denise Vasquez Model: Ash

Featured Interview PROMOTE Magazine Issue 3 April 2024

What inspired your move back to LA? What are you most excited about your move?

I love working in LA with so many creative artists. I'm excited to be closer and more available to my repeat clients as well as have the opportunity to make new connections and even have the opportunity to start doing some film work.

Where did you grow up?

Pasadena California

Did your environment growing up influence you creatively?

Definitely! LA has such a rich culture in the film and fashion industry for many people it is THE place and growing up around all of that you become enveloped in it as something tangible. I have distinct memories growing up of some of my neighborhood streets being closed because they were filming things like Bird Box in Monrovia or Kill Bill in Pasadena.

When did you know you wanted to be a model/actor?

I've always had an interest in unique fashion styles and acting ever since being a little kid. When I was a little kid around 4 or 5 I remember telling my mother at one point I wanted to be an actor. I heavily started experimenting with fashion when I was high school with both vintage clothing from the thrift store and punk inspired streetwear.

Did you study or are you self taught?

I am about 90% self taught. Ironically enough as I was teaching myself and doing more photoshoots showing my talent and what I could do I started getting more offers to take formal classes.

How did you get into modeling?

I had just quit my job working at a nonprofit in Washington and was a bit at a loss with what to do next career wise and my friend who has been modeling for years sat me down and told me she could totally see me doing it and taught me how she got her start with it and it really took off when I got to Vegas.

What is your favorite thing about being a model?

I love getting to meet so many like minded creative people and get to wear so many different kinds of fashion styles. It's fun to look at the pictures after and think to myself "wow thats really me doing all that"

What are the biggest challenges you face as a model?

I would say for me at least it's the need to make content for socials which is a large part of marketing in general in this industry. Before I got into this industry I used to post on Instagram maybe once a year if I went on vacation or something so making the adjustment from nearly anonymous on the internet to now influencer status in regards to both engagement and keeping the instagram algorithm happy has definitely been a shift in mindset that's a bit outside my realm of expertise.

Do you prefer shoots in the studio, outdoors, or both?

I think there are pros and cons to both. I think there are some wonderful creative things you can do outdoors and you have more to play around with in your environment but have limited control over said environment. However with studios you have all the control over your environment if you want a windy effect you can get a fan if you want a different background you can get a different backdrop but I will say if you want something truly unique like perhaps some intricate architecture in the background, neon signs, a forest etc you just can't find things like that in a studio.

How did you get involved in fashion shows & which is your favorite?

So oftentimes if you follow casting directors or production companies that do a lot of shows they will oftentimes post casting calls for upcoming shows on their instagram and you show up give them your best walk and maybe you hear back from them. I will also say it really helps to network at the castings too even with other models waiting in line there was so many times during NYFW that I would talk to a model in line next to me and they would start to tell me about other castings or other opportunities going that I had never even heard about before then. My favorite fashion show I ever worked at has to be the IFSM (International fashion supermodel) show in LA. I was booked as a stylist and I also walked for 2 amazing designers who I still continue to work with on various projects to this day.

How do you feel about meetup groups?

I love them! They are great ways to meet new people and get great content. I've met so many great people at Vegascollabmeets that I've continued to work with on other projects outside of the meets!

If there was anything you could change about the industry, what would it be?

I would definitely make it more transparent. There's so many people with so much talent who either have no idea where to start so they never do or they risk falling into a scam and lose their passion for it after being burned.

Any new projects you’re involved in that you are able to talk about?

I have so many coming up with LA fashion week just a few days away. My next event is on 3/23 for the LA Fashion Closet which is a very high end production bringing in designers from all over the country and they have plans to do shows all over the world soon such as in Vegas, India and Milan

When did you become interested in acting?

I've always had an interest in it since I was a kid.Do you prefer stage, Film, or TV? Definitely Film

Any advice for people wanting to pursue a career in modeling/acting?

Facebook is your best friend. I got so many of my early portfolio shoots done through Facebook TFP groups. Most major cities have one for example "Las Vegas TFP". TFP groups are full of photographers, models, makeup artists etc are also looking for models for a project or trying to build a portfolio so it's a mutual exchange. The photographer gets stuff for there portfolio and you get stuff for your portfolio

Where can people find you online?

They can find me on instagram at Arisen_from_the_ashes

Anything else you want to add?

Don't give up. I think in this industry its really easy to get discouraged or put down by other people I know I have had my moments where I felt discouraged, I even had a runway "coach" who told me my walk was awful and I would never

get casted for any shows and now i'm walking in more shows then she does and with the same people who turned her away at castings. My point being never give up, you will find your niche in the industry and the more you work at it the better you're going to get at what you do and believe it or not people are watching and are just waiting to be able to book you and see you shine.

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