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Interview With Actress HopeAnn Hintz

Photographer Denise Vasquez IG @DeniseVasquezOfficial Actress HopeAnn Hintz IG @HopeAnnHintz

When did you start modeling/acting?

My first job was when I was about two — a commercial for a local heating & air-conditioning company. 

Where did you grow up? Did your upbringing have an influence on you becoming a model/actress?

I grew up in Indiana. My mom modeled while living in Chicago in her 20s. Once she relocated to Indianapolis, by the mid-80s, she became part of the local theatre scene. So it just seemed pretty on par that my brother (3.5 years older) and I would eventually sign to a local agency and begin booking radio and television commercials.  

What led you to LA & how long did you live there?

I always fantasized about living in California and being an actor, so after I graduated college (BA in Broadcast Journalism), I set my eyes on Los Angeles. By that time, my brother was living in San Diego, so I had a free place to “land” until I found an apartment and a job in LA. I was in LA for 10 years (until 2021). I never imagined myself moving away… until we did.

How did you end up in Nashville? 

The short answer: to be closer to family but still in a “music” city,  but a lot of variables fell into place to get us to where we’re at. By summer 2019, I was married and pregnant with my first daughter. That August, my husband’s father suddenly passed away and on my side of things, my father’s health had been on a rapid decline for almost a year. I gave birth in February 2020 and within weeks was thrust into life on lockdown with a newborn. No family members around. A world of unknowns. It was…and adventure, to say the least. We got to the point where we were weighing the pros and cons of living so far away from our aging families — in an ultra expensive city/state. We’re fortunate enough that my husband (a singer/songwriter & music producer) has the ability to work from relatively anywhere. So, we set our eyes on a “music” city within driving distance to where our families are in the Midwest. 

Did you study acting? Modeling? 

When I was in college, I almost minored in Theatre, but dropped the minor when I only had one or two classes more to complete. The school I went to had a very “clicky” theatre department — and since my main focus was in the communications department, I didn’t feel like I “fit in”.  I wanted to perform, I didn’t want to write a book report. 

Once I got to Los Angeles, though, I stumbled upon a fantastic acting teacher, Jocelyn Jones, and spent a majority of my time in LA honing my craft under her guidance.  

Do you prefer acting or modeling and why?

I’m an actor first. In the industry, modeling just seems to always tag along.  (And honestly, modeling gives me way more “performance anxiety”. It’s so hard to not compare yourself to others.)

Do you have a favorite job/role/booking you were cast in?

Oh man… I have been blessed to work with some fantastic people and for amazing brands. And every set/shoot/project has its highlights.

One that stands out in my mind this moment, was probably the Calvin Harris “Thinking About You” music video shoot.  I auditioned for one role but in the auditioning room, the director, Vincent Haycock, asked if I was open to a different role (Yes, of course). On set, I ended up knowing the steadicam operator, Ari Robbins, from a different shoot. The guy that was cast opposite my “original audition” part played my brother in a previous commercial. Plus, Adam (Calvin) was such a sweetheart — he ended up taking us all to dinner after the shoot was over! 


Do you find the more skills you have the more jobs you book?

Not always. Especially in the acting world — it’s not always about talent. So many factors influence the casting process. Unfortunately, social media has really changed the game too. Countless times I was asked on call sheets how many followers I had on “(insert social media platform here)” and that was very disheartening to see. 

What is it like being a mother and a model/actress?

At this stage in my life/career, I’ve really shifted focus to mothering being number one. I had baby girl number two this past June, so for the last seven months I’ve been ultra picky about the auditions I submit. To the point, you could say I’m kinda out of the game right now. Once I can get my youngest on more of an independent routine, I’m sure the tables will turn to me opening the door to more opportunities that come my way. I do like having a collection of work I can show my girls as they get older and interested in my life. Plus, to lay the foundation that you can always pursue your passions no matter what path your life takes. 

Did you model & Act while you were pregnant? What was that like? Did you have to hide your pregnancy or were you able to be open about it?

I did model & act while pregnant! I never necessarily “hid” my pregnancies, it was a case by case basis if I actually let casting know or not. 

When I was 17 weeks pregnant with my first, I auditioned for a role in the movie “The Little Things”. The role was for a young (definitely not pregnant) woman so I did not tell casting I was pregnant — almost booked the part too, but they went a different direction at the last minute. I remember telling my agent as I left the audition “Went well, but I don’t think I can go out for those parts anymore — at least until after the baby”. Around that same time, I denied an audition for a new swimwear company because of the pregnancy and somehow received a callback (second audition). Very confused, I called my modeling agency to ask how I was even getting a callback if I never auditioned in the first place. They were as confused as I was and reached out to casting — reminding them I didn’t audition the first go-round and that I was 18 weeks pregnant. Casting responded by having me audition anyway. So I stuffed myself into the only one piece bathing suit I had, went to the audition....and booked it! The company actually thought it was really cool that I was pregnant. 

Did being pregnant affect you booking work, if so how?

^ (See above) ^


Being pregnant also opened me up to additional roles. I booked a commercial for a Chinese shoe company three weeks before I gave birth to my first.  

You are a wife, mother and a model/actress, how do you find balance?

(I also do marketing and social media in my “spare time”). Honestly, it can be challenging to find balance and a lot of the time there’s a pile of laundry waiting to be folded for a week. Everything in my life has a priority number. My kids and husband are number one. All the other stuff just has to fall in line and fits in when it can. 

What are your goals for 2024?

Traveling! I was an avid traveler before the girls (and the pandemic) came along. So I’m itching to get out and show them the world. 

Any advice for aspiring actors & models?

The more hard-headed and passionate you are, the better (which is probably my achilles heel). If you really want to switch acting/modeling from just a “passion project” to an actual career you have to be so hungry to work that you thrive on the minutia, on the boring, on the “Noes”, and everything in between. 

I was bartending at a hotel back in 2013 and Sean Astin came in.  We struck up a conversation and he eventually asked what I did (career wise). Sheepishly, I responded something along the lines of, “Well… other than bartending, I moved to LA to be an actor”.  He immediately corrected me and told me I was an actor and not to downplay it. Adding that even when a writer isn’t currently writing a book, they’re still a writer. So what made me, an unemployed actor, not an “actor”? 

^I still think about that to this day^

Anything else you would like to add?

I feel like I could tell stories and elaborate my experience in the industry for days… 

Where can people find your work? Websites? Social Media? 

Although I don’t update things as much as I should (mom life), 

@hopeannhintz - on most social media sites

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